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Alcohol-Free Events: Tips & Ideas to Make a Great Event For Non-Drinkers

These events include weddings, holiday parties, and conferences. Alcohol consumption is a common theme. One in four Americans is trying to cut down on their alcohol consumption. Nearly half of the global adult population has reported not drinking any alcohol. Offering more than just water and soda at your events is important.

We have tips and ideas to help you create an alcohol-free environment at your wedding.

When planning an event, keep non-drinkers in your thoughts.

First, decide if your event will include alcohol or if alcohol will be allowed at the reception.

These are some things to keep in mind when planning your event once you have established the alcohol limits.

  • It is perfectly acceptable to forgo boozy beverages at events, regardless of whether you are doing so because of client preference, personal preferences, budgetary constraints, venue restrictions or religious reasons.
  • Non-drinkers should be aware that there are other options if the event isn’t completely dry. Whether the event is an open bar or champagne toast, it should provide easy-access, tasty, non-alcoholic alternatives to club soda and water.
  • Avoid games that require guests to drink. It can pressure guests who don’t might feel like they have to justify their decision. Respect your guests’ choices at weddings, birthday celebrations and retirement parties, no matter what occasion.
  • While some guests might decline an invitation to a sober party, it is most likely that the dry event will receive a positive response. Non-drinkers will be able to stay longer, and those who drink won’t feel the need to miss the alcohol.

How to inform event attendees that there won’t be alcohol

If you prefer to inform guests in advance that your event will not include alcohol, it is better to share this information by word-of-mouth or on the event website. It should be clear that alcohol will not be served and prohibited on the premises.

Tips for hosting alcohol-free parties, galas, holidays, and events

There are many options available to guests other than sparkling grape juice. These ideas will impress guests at sober social events.

You can either make your mocktail bar or create your signature drink. Mocktails don’t have to be limited to the ‘virgin” versions on the menu. Creative non-alcoholic drinks can offer impressive flavour profiles with all the visual punch of alcoholic beverages without alcohol. Sparkling juices and ciders might satisfy guests’ desire for bubbles without the alcohol, but vibrant drinks with layers of colour and dazzling syrups can be conversation starters all on their own.

Garnish your dishes with a lot of effort.

Edible garnishes can be used for non-alcoholic beverages as well. Garnishes can be used for more than just aesthetics. They enhance the drink’s flavour and aromas. To enhance the unique flavour profile of each glass, add twists, skewers or a salt or sugar rim. You can also create a garnish buffet for guests to experiment with different options. Some of the more wild and creative edible garnishes are included:

Candy – Cotton candy, gummy worms, spun sugar and candied citrus.

Fruit: Fresh berries, dragonfruit and cranberry skewers. Kiwi, pear. Starfruit. Fresh figs

Flowers – Calendulas, orchid blooms, lilacs, lavenders, chamomile and wood sorrel

Herbs – Basil, thyme and mint, sage rosemary, lemon balm

Vegetables: Pickled asparagus, cucumber, jalapeno slices and crispy tempura carrot

Warm seasonings: Cinnamon stick, fresh ground nutmeg cardamom, fresh ground nutmeg and vanilla beans

Food items: Waffles, doughnuts, jerky, cheeseburger sliders, bacon slices, crab claw

Sweet Rim Garnishes: Brown sugar, nonpareils and chocolate syrup. Also, dried flower petals and crushed peppermint. Cinnamon and sugar. Crushed graham cracker. Toast coconut. Coffee grounds.

A savoury rim garnishes Paprika.

You can stock the bar with top-quality non-alcoholic options.

Non-alcoholic options have been growing in popularity, with new brands and favourite spirits producers offering options. In 2019, non-alcoholic beer sales increased by 23 per cent as worldwide beer sales continue to decline. The millennial generation is less interested in alcohol, which means more opportunities for successful events and products that don’t involve alcohol. It’s not as common to host a dry or alcohol-free event as in decades past. You can check out the new offerings and favourites brewers taking advantage of the growing trend towards 0.0 ABV. Remember that “alcohol-free beer” does not always refer to no alcohol content. In the United States, any alcohol content below 0.5 per cent can be considered ‘non-alcoholic”.

Get on board the trend of dry bars.

Dry bar venues have been popping up all over cities, and they are a huge hit. Locate your venue, then make your dry bar for your next event using these options:

  • Serve sweet, tangy Shrub mocktails.
  • You can tempt your guests with delicious hot chocolate in a range of flavours: dark, milk, white caramel, chilli chocolate, and so on.
  • Rent a slushy machine to bring out the kid in your guests.
  • Famous alcohol-free drinks can be served: Harry Potter fans will love a butterbeer. Shirley Temple will bring back the feeling of being a child at events and the nostalgia of being a grown-up.
  • A beautiful lemonade bar can be made with frozen, fizzy, or still options. It’s a great choice for summer parties. You can stock it with lemonade of any flavour, including strawberry, mint, strawberry, pomegranate and basil.

Encourage people to dance even if they don’t have alcohol.

You can hire a dance instructor for ballroom, hip-hop or jazz and offer a lesson to your guests. They will enjoy learning together and return home with a new skill to show at their next wedding.


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