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Different types of jobs in events

Events jobs require a variety of skills to plan and execute events successfully. Event planners and similar jobs require multitasking, problem-solving, organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills. These skills can lead to many opportunities in different industries. This article will discuss the various jobs available in events and their relationship to different industries.

Events jobs for corporate employees

Many companies have event-related jobs that assist with marketing, trade shows and conferences, product launches, employee training, and other tasks. Here are some examples of corporate jobs that involve events:

Event coordinator

Average national salary: $43,711 annually

Primarily, an event coordinator aids the event planner in planning and managing events. They are responsible for creating budgets, scheduling vendors, and overseeing vendors on the event day. Event coordinators are responsible for day-to-day logistics and coordination. They also serve as the client’s point of contact for any questions or concerns.

Marketing coordinator

Average national salary: $44,878/year

Primarily, a marketing coordinator aids an organization in its marketing efforts. This includes creating marketing materials, trend reports and monitoring marketing trends. Meetings may be coordinated and attended by a marketing coordinator.

Event operations manager

Average national salary: 50,976 per annum

Primary duties: The event operations manager coordinates specific events. They collaborate with host cities, organizers, and other committees to ensure successful events. They ensure that events meet all safety regulations.

Meeting planner

Average national salary: $55,189/year

Primary duties: The corporate event planner or planner coordinates events, meetings, and conferences. This includes booking the venue, helping guests book transportation and lodging, and gathering the necessary resources. Meeting planners are responsible for setting up equipment and coordinating catering services.

Events jobs for sportspeople

Events workers are needed to manage facilities and run game days for sports organizations. Here are some examples of jobs that sportspeople can do at events:

Manager of special events

Average national salary: $43,668/year

Primary duties: Manage public performances and events. They work with clients and vendors to ensure everything runs according to plan. The special events manager plans, manage and supervises the event.

Director for event marketing

Average national salary: $60.456 per annum

Primary duties: The director of event marketing oversees brand management. They manage communication, marketing, and promotional activities that encourage people to support a brand. They might work closely with the media, post to social media and use cross-promotional techniques.

Operations supervisor

Average national salary: $67.752 per annum

Primary duties: Depending on the sports organization, an operations supervisor might have different responsibilities. Many are responsible for developing and implementing policies, training staff, monitoring statistics, managing facilities, and hiring. Operations supervisors may also be involved in ticketing, sales, and other financial matters.

Events jobs for nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations employ events professionals to help with fundraising, sponsorships and coordination. There are many types of jobs for nonprofits in events:

Volunteer coordinator

Average national salary: $34,390/year

Primary duties: Volunteer coordinators are responsible for all aspects of volunteers within an organization. They recruit volunteers, find out more about each volunteer’s abilities, assign responsibilities, and keep track of volunteers’ work. They are responsible for developing volunteers and creating a positive working environment.

Communication assistant

Average national salary: $45,027/year

Primary duties: Communications assistants manage a range of operational tasks that maintain an organization’s external image. They publish and manage content on social media, interview stakeholders, and collect and analyze data. Communications assistants can also assist with office functions such as answering phones, preparing materials for events, and preparing meetings.

Program coordinator

Average national salary: $47,161 per annum

Primarily, a program coordinator is responsible for coordinating administrative and human resource tasks. They plan and implement policies and procedures, manage budgets, and schedule employees. Program coordinators also assist with managing communication-related to programs.

Executive assistant

Average national salary: $54,965 annually

Primary duties: An executive assistant supports a high-ranking administrator in an organization’s efforts. They answer emails, take phone calls, manage travel, and schedule appointments. Executive assistants may support clerical tasks, assist clients, and train employees.

Donor relations officer

Average national salary: $63,336/year

Primarily, a donor relations officer assists in fundraising activities for an organization. They create and implement strategies and goals to increase donations, maintain and build relationships with donors, and recognize and thank donors. A donor relations officer may handle event operations and logistics.

Development director

Average national salary: $99.538 per annum

Primarily, a development director oversees the organization’s fundraising efforts. They create a fundraising strategy, establish relationships with donors, plan fundraising events, and identify grant opportunities. They work closely with financial and marketing team members.

Events and resort jobs

Events planners may work in resorts, cruise lines, and tours in the tourism industry. These are some examples of tourism and resort jobs that can be found in events:

Resort activities director

Average national salary: $36,258/year

Primary duties: The resort activities directors plan special events for guests. This includes organizing events that appeal to certain groups, such as seniors, children, couples or adults. The resort activities director plans and supervises the recreational staff and promotes events to guests.


Average national salary: $38,216/year

Primary duties: The concierge is responsible for answering guests’ questions and making recommendations to make their stay enjoyable. These may include booking meals, entertainment tickets and scheduling transportation. Concierges are knowledgeable about their local area and can answer phones to promote the hotel or resort’s features.

Tour receptionist

Average national salary: $41,073/year

Primarily, they assist in selling and planning your tours. They provide information about tours, answer questions and keep abreast of all available options. They can also answer phones, process transactions and complete paperwork.

Resort operations manager

Average national salary: $53,125 annually

Primary duties: The resort operations manager oversees all aspects of the operation of a hotel or resort. They supervise staff and department managers to ensure guest satisfaction. They are responsible for customer service and develop strategies to ensure guest satisfaction. They also host daily meetings and facilitate collaboration between departments.

Events: Hotel and restaurant job opportunities

Many events are hosted by hotels and restaurants, which often employ staff to assist with their operations. There are many types of jobs available in hotels and restaurants that deal with events, such as:

Banquet server

Average national salary: $28,723/year

Primarily, banquet servers serve food and drinks at large events. They serve drinks, clean up tables and take orders. They may also help clean up after the event and prepare food.


Average national salary: $33,875/year

Primary duties: The host or hostess will often be the first person a customer meets when they enter an establishment. They are responsible for overseeing the front-of-house operation. They answer phones and schedule reservations.


Average national salary: $36,529/year

Primary duties: Bartenders make and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Bartenders engage with customers and make recommendations. They also follow legal requirements. To prevent customers from drinking excessively, bartenders monitor their customer’s behaviour.

Catering manager

Average national salary: $42,571 annually

Principal duties: The catering managers supervise the kitchen and wait staff. They collaborate with clients to create menus and ensure customer satisfaction. The catering manager coordinates food preparation, schedules staff, and organizes menu tastings.

Director for special events

Average national salary: $60.456 per annum

Primary duties: The director of special event coordination coordinates special events. This includes parties and weddings. Special events directors are responsible for all aspects of an event. This includes negotiating with vendors, scheduling schedules, and ensuring the client is satisfied.

Additional jobs at events

Many event planners have many skills that they can apply to various other jobs. These are some examples of such jobs:

Social media specialist

Average national salary: $38,313/year

Primary duties: The social media specialist manages social media accounts within an organization. Social media specialists are responsible for promoting the brand and engaging customers to increase loyalty. Social media specialists can identify target markets and create campaigns to develop targeted content. They may also respond to customers.

Training manager

Average national salary: $65,691 annually

Principal duties: The training managers evaluate the company’s growth and development needs. They create plans for improving productivity and performance and then train employees about the new processes. Training managers may manage budgets or help develop best practices for their companies.

Project manager

Average national salary: $80.149 per year

Primary duties: The project manager oversees the entire project from beginning to end. They can create detailed plans, budgets, and timelines and liaise with different parties to delegate tasks. There are many industries that project managers can work in.


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