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Festive ways to boost holiday sales

There is a good chance that your hotel guests will travel to it for the holidays, regardless of their location. More than 110 million Americans travel for the holidays each year. Not all of them have the luxury of staying in Grandma’s spare room. This huge travel wave is a great opportunity for hotels to embrace holiday marketing and sales. Find out how to stand out and attract revelers this holiday season by reading these festive tips.

Discover Simple Holiday Sales Tips:

To increase your spending, use nostalgia and positive emotions.

Holidays are a time of emotion for travelers. Feelings of nostalgia can greatly influence holiday purchasing behavior. People are more likely to spend more when they feel happy than otherwise. Brands need to make their campaigns festive and appeal to their core audience to capitalize on this principle. To attract holiday shoppers, keep your messages light and fun. A few simple touches such as holiday flowers placed in your lobby or warm drinks offered in the bar may evoke memories and get people in a festive mood.

A unified marketing strategy is needed for holidays.

It’s a great time of year to review your marketing strategy and plan some initiatives that will take advantage. Although your brand, audience, and offerings will all remain the same, it is important to start looking at each one from a seasonal perspective. How will your business travelers behave during holidays? What seasonal messages can you use to communicate brand messages? What products can you repackage with holiday themes? Your holiday message should be consistent across all channels, including your website, social media and physical displays. This will ensure that your guests feel the holiday spirit in every place they visit your brand.

Holiday deals should be considered “holiday only”.

We are more likely than others to buy if we know that the offer will end soon. Like sales closing techniques, customers are forced to buy a package that has fewer features or services “to save money”, but then realize they want it all. Take advantage of the holiday season and make sure that holiday deals are over by the end of the season. Your guests will be able to see that this is a limited-time offer.

Creatively use underutilized spaces such as conference or meeting rooms.

Local professional photographers should be contacted to promote the space as a location for holiday card photo shoots in October or November. This will secure a booking for the space for the entire season and also provides a valuable service to guests who are already on the road and need help with holiday cards. Your hotel can capitalize on the holiday cheer by having photographers bring their decorations.

Just for the holidays, create demand-generators.

Holiday-themed activities can generate strong demand for certain groups, such as families or couples. You could have holiday events on-site or online and holiday activities for children, families, pets, and other key audiences. Are you located in cold weather? You might consider a hot cocktail tasting, a cozy cooking class, or hot cocoa served by the lobby fireplace. To make the most of your hotel’s message and brand, you must focus on themes and activities that align with your hotel’s brand.

Get excited about the holiday.

Our brains feel more pleasure when we anticipate a reward than receiving it. Include a holiday countdown, increasing deals as the holiday nears, and mystery deals and content every day to make your brand part of this anticipation. This creates buzz and associates your property with holiday joy.

Make a holiday event guide for your area.

Marketing can help you create an informational page for your website to inform your guests about local holidays, events, and gift ideas. This should increase traffic to your hotel’s webpage. You can include information about the opening hours, prices, transportation and distance from your property. This page can have many benefits for your hotel. It will help you improve your SEO rankings for holiday-related phrases and highlight your festive atmosphere for guests. This page can be used in sales conversations to help groups tap into local festive events.

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