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Five Creative Ideas for a Hotel That Work

North American corporate event marketers spend $1200 – $1700 per attendee. Get more event planners to book your hotel rooms with innovative hotel ideas.

Check out these ideas to see some examples of successful strategies from top brands. Learn how to adapt each of these hotel ideas to suit your needs. Learn how to make your hotel stand out and what you can take from the most recognizable hotels in the world.

How can you attract event planners into your hotel?

With creative marketing and practical solutions to their most pressing problems, attract event planners to your hotel.

Find innovative hotel ideas to increase group business.

These are real examples of hotel marketing strategies that you can use to attract event planners and book your rooms. Find featured examples from Hotel Marketing Association award-winners and Magellan winners, along with suggestions on tailoring each strategy to your hotel brand.

Video allows you to personalize your booking inquiry.

You can respond to email inquiries from event planners by sending a video message. Your onsite events coordinator will be contacted. You can then answer their questions and suggest any additional add-ons that you feel would make their event even more successful.

Send a short video of two to three minutes and include your message. This will capture their attention and help you connect with them on a whole new level. You don’t have to edit it. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook make authentic, uncut content a popular method of connecting with customers and leads.

Animoto and BombBomb allow you to create custom branding and embed video messages and original GIFs on any device.

How it works: Event organizers receive emails from hotels that feel transactional. Video can add a human touch to your sales experience and make you stand out.

Winner: Hintlesham Hall used this strategy with a Google Ad Marketing funnel to secure four wedding bookings within four months. This increased its revenue by PS32,000 (a 729% ROI). A custom URL was created with a message from the onsite wedding coordinator and a call to action.

Customize it to your hotel. A simple FAQ landing page will help you answer questions about your event spaces. If their customers use presentation equipment, for example, a hotel with many meeting rooms could list the available tech tools in each room.

Highlight experts in your team.

To attract event planners:

  1. Showcase your top employees and areas of expertise in hotel marketing.
  2. Describe what they excel at and their qualifications.
  3. Explain how they can help event organizers reach their goals.

When it comes to related staff members, think outside of the box. Think about the value that concierge, parking attendants, and room attendants can provide event planners.

How it works: Event organizers have many beautiful venues, but they need assistance in bringing their vision to reality. The benefit of onsite assistance can be a significant perk that can help them make the right decision.

Winner: The Elvetham Hotel showcases its incredible staff on its Experts In Events page. The bios of their experts include personal stories and pro tips for event planners.

Make it personal to your hotel. Highlight team members’ roles who best serve your event planner’s target audience. If your hotel is a gala planner, you might share your interview with your local catering team to get their advice on creating the perfect fundraiser menu.

Offer an a la carte venue menu.

Instead of buying pre-made packages, opt for custom experiences. Let planners select the best service for their event by offering a range of services in each category. Advertise tools that simplify the process.

How it works: Event planners are often faced with the dilemma of choosing between rigid hotel packages that may not be able to accommodate all their clients’ needs or preferences. You can give them the freedom to choose from your a-la-carte menu.

Winner of the Award: The Meets Made at Marriott campaign highlights digital bookings experiences that enable event planners to choose between many delicious menus and exciting add-ons and a dedicated team of onsite coordinators.

Customize it for your hotel. Get your most-requested event space packages. Create a list of the top-selling elements for event planners. You can then help event planners determine which catering and service options work well together to offer them more options without adding any extra.

You can host a themed party at your place.

With an event of your very own, you can show event planners how amazing your space is. You can host a social event, capture the planning process and promote the experience to other planners looking to host similar events at the space.

Bonus points for including your event attendees’ goals, KPIs, and a post-event review containing details about how your space supports your accomplishments.

How it works: Event planners are often unable to “try before you buy” when making large financial investments in hotel rooms and spaces. Demonstrate the exact look of an event in your meeting room, ballroom or multipurpose space. Transparency about the process and outcomes is key to event planners’ clear understanding of what to expect.

Winner of the Award: The Montague hotel transformed its old ski lodge into a winter wonderland complete with custom cocktails and cozy lounge areas. This event was a revenue generator for the hotel and provided event planners with concrete ideas on making the most of the unique space.

Make it personal to your hotel. Think about the event types you would like your hotel to host and show them off in your space. Your hotel may prefer corporate events to private ones. You can host VIP customer lunches or sponsor a mini-convention that brings together local vendors.

It’s possible to achieve it through a specialized campaign.

Don’t be afraid to highlight your hotel’s unique brand, marketing strategy, or space to event planners with a campaign centred around education. If it’s not clear, you can create a common thread for all your properties.

This information can be communicated through sales copy and content marketing. Your hotel should be able to assist event planners with this new concept.

How it works: Event planners are always looking for innovative solutions to their projects, but they don’t have the time or resources to study every trend. To help other event planners quickly implement your new ideas, you can explain the potential and benefits of your hotel offering.

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