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Five Creative Ways to Throw a Virtual Party

It doesn’t mean that you have to miss the party. Virtual parties allow you to celebrate from far away. Virtual parties can be hosted for any occasion, from birthday parties to milestone events at companies.

While your party planning task list will be much shorter when you host a virtual party online, it is still important to prepare well and choose the right streaming technology. Here are some tips to make a virtual party fun.

How do you celebrate with remote employees?

Finding a creative way for people to feel appreciated and engaged at small company parties is key! Here are some easy ways to do this.

Get lunch for your entire team.

Even though your guests might be spread across the country, you can still deliver a catered meal to them. You can keep your party inclusive by sending everyone perks they might be familiar with. It takes very little time to coordinate.

Organize a costume or decoration contest.

Get your guests in the spirit before the event starts with a creative contest. Participants are invited to search for any party decorations or themed attire that they may have or buy them online if desired. Then reward the winner with a prize.

Hosting a virtual party.

To host a virtual party with your group or to share your screen with audio, use a platform such as Netflix Party. You can distribute a poll with movie options, either full-length or shorts, so you don’t have to scroll endlessly to find the right movie.

Get the crowd going with games.

You can have some good old-fashioned fun by playing board games and trivia nights. With apps such as QuizUp and Kahoot, you can create different themed quizzes. You can also choose an online board game if you prefer a traditional board game. Zoom’s breakout rooms allow you to break up smaller groups for games that work well with smaller numbers.

Raffle and winning prizes

Incentivize friendly rivalry beyond participation in activities for bragging points and offer subscriptions or gift cards as prizes! Choose from local businesses or more popular options such as Amazon or Starbucks.

Create a channel on your preferred instant messenger platform to share photos and comments, such as Slack. Make social media fun by creating a unique hashtag to attach to employees’ posts. You can also attach a gift certificate prize to the top post with the hashtag and tag your company.

We’ve given you some ideas to host a virtual party for remote workers. Here’s a quick checklist to help bring your event to life.

The list for throwing a virtual party in easy steps

Stress-free virtual company parties Follow this list.

Schedule a time.

Choose a time when all guests can attend and send an invitation to the calendar. Attention to the time zones will prevent you from being ostracized if your employees live in a specific area.

Choose your tech tools.

The best online conference technology. Choose a tool to register attendees and keep track of how they interact. This will allow you to answer follow-up survey questions and track who attended. Next, choose the video platform that suits your needs best and is affordable enough to host all your attendees.

  • WebEx integrates seamlessly with Cvent. This means you don’t have to duplicate any of your registration work and can reduce any technical stress.
  • Zoom‘s free plan allows up to 100 people to meet for 40 minutes. If you need more time, upgrade your plan.
  • Skype can hold up to 50 people in one video chat. This makes it ideal for small companies.

Send the link to your video.

Make sure that everyone has to access the conference call. If the chosen technology platform requires that a user be created before the party, make sure everyone has done it.

Choose a theme that suits your needs.

Whether you choose to focus your party on a particular decade or movie, your guests will be engaged. Here are some corporate theme ideas.

Notify others.

Communication is essential. Send reminders via multiple channels – email and instant messaging included to increase excitement.

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