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How to plan the best festival

These are uncertain times. Music festivals have been a big business for the past few years. They attract 32 million people annually to the United States. Festivals can be a great way for companies to get noticed and offer a unique experience for their audience.

This guide will show you how to create the perfect festival for your clients. Explore creative ways to bring your clients’ visions to life. Create your music festival checklist and find out more about additional services such as catering.

In these easy steps, how to plan a festival.

This easy checklist will help you plan a music festival that will please your clients.

To plan the best festival, you must set clear goals and agree on the KPIs.

These are questions you can ask your clients at your kickoff meeting. This will give you a clear picture of their festival vision.

  • What are the three most similar music festivals to your dream event? What do you like about these festivals that you would include in your event design? What do you dislike most about these festivals?
  • What main points do you want your festival attendees to share with their friends after they leave?
  • Why is it so important that you and your company put on a music festival, rather than another type of event? It is important to start now rather than later.

Next, determine the most effective KPIs to help them achieve their ticket sales and attendee experience goals. These KPIs are effective for music festivals:

  • If your clients are looking to increase their digital influence and SEO, they should consider social media engagement as a KPI for their music festival KPI.
  • To help clients increase their short-term yearly revenue, you should make ticket sales your primary KPI.
  • To help your client achieve their goal of establishing long-term client relationships, select the total active members.

Be aware of your budget limitations.

Find out how to save money or splurge without sacrificing quality.

If it is their first time, you can choose to attend a single day event instead of a whole festival weekend. You can book up-and-coming performers who have performed for clients with higher budgets. Strategic ad testing and the building of online communities can reduce marketing costs.

You can improve attendees’ experience and create future success by investing in the right venue. Most music festivals keep the same location for their entire existence.

Create an event calendar for your festival.

Start planning for six to twelve months. Three to six months in advance, certain big picture items like festival goals, theme, or musicians. Organize details like permits and caterers up to three months in advance. You can leave smaller, more urgent tasks like parking organization or festival map printing for one month.

Get the right insurance and license.

You may need more than one city permit, depending on where you live. You will need to ask your venue whether they are zoned for entertainment or industrial. This will affect your licensing selection. Before purchasing event insurance, consult an attorney. It would be best if you considered purchasing insurance that covers weather-related events at outdoor music festivals and any injuries to performers, staff or attendees.

To plan the best festival, identify your audience.

Ask your clients to provide any documentation about their target demographics. Get their input on who they envision attending this event. To create a target audience for your festival, analyze the social media profiles of your clients. To ensure that they are well-respected, you should build your festival around their top supporters.

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