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Inspirations for winning trade show booth design

Finding high-return trade show booth designs that work can be difficult. Because of their large size, 10×10 booths are more complex. They are an affordable and popular option to make your property stand out.

We have compiled some ideas to help you win planners and group businesses with activities to build stronger relationships at trade shows. See examples of award-winning brands’ booths and learn how you can customize each booth design to meet your trade show goals.

Here are ideas for a trade show booth design that works.

Discover creative ideas that can be easily integrated into smaller booth displays. Please find out how to set up each booth and what is worth trying. You can also see how top brands did it and how you could personalize it for your hotel.

Indoor jungle.

There are often many booths in trade show halls. It can feel overwhelming and sometimes even boring. Natural elements can make your hotel’s booth stand out at trade shows.

This is a particularly great idea if one of the unique features of your hotel is a beautiful garden, or even if you’re starting to offer new environmentally-friendly features. The Opryland hotel is one example.

You can create an indoor jungle booth by adding a few fresh or leafy green flowers to your back. Side booth walls can be made using hanging baskets, regular planters, or trellises. You will feel like you are in a little oasis.


  • This is a cost-effective and easy way to transform your booth. You can buy potted house plants for $5 or bring them in from the office. It’s very affordable.
  • It is visually appealing. People naturally find beauty in greenery and plants, which they instinctively share via social networking with the rest of the world. This idea for a trade show booth has the best chance to be the most photographed and digitally shared at the event.

A real-world example: Orgatec built an award-winning booth for trade shows using this method. The lush tropical palm trees and brightly coloured chairs were a winning combination. It felt more like a lounge than a booth at a trade show, which is why people wanted to spend time there.

You can customize it: Although Orgatec used more than 10×10 spaces for their version, you can add fun colours (think yellows and pinks). Like Orgatec did. You should also make sure that you have a large hashtag visible on your booth or right behind it, as this will be the most Instagrammable area of the entire trade show.

Both black and white

Your entire booth design can be created using black and white only. Black counters or shelves on white walls will draw attention. You can then direct planners’ attention to the exact location you want.

If your booth rental company permits, you can use paint or neatly pin-up swatches made of ironed fabric to create a black-and-white booth. Trade show booths are dominated by black. Use more white to contrast the booth with the outside world. Add your hotel’s logo in a full colour somewhere in the middle. With diagramming software, you can also add black-and-white diagrams of your meeting spaces to the wall. This will show planners what your space offers, right down to the outlets.


  • This look can be achieved depending on the rental options. All you need is black and white booth walls, dividers and furniture. You can create monochrome looks even if you only have a few options.
  • This booth design is perfect for hotels that want to showcase a single aspect of their group business offering to audiences of trade shows.

A real-world example: Oligo used black and white elements in their booth with a few colourful murals and lots of white lights throughout the display to create a minimal look. Their booth’s only text was “feel the light”, which is fitting considering their main product, lighting solutions.

Personalize it: Even small booths can have a huge impact if you focus your attention. If you have a tight budget, colour can be used to increase your investment and make it more attractive. You can also buy cheap furniture and spray paint it in one colour if your rental options aren’t compatible with your design. You can also do the opposite: make your central point a solid black or white, but be creative with the rest.

Shadow puppet

People love the symbolism and mystery of shadows. This is why they are often featured literally and metaphorically in great art. Hopefully, your 10×10 booth design at a trade show will be one of these. Your booth shadows could depict whimsical outlines to match the hotel’s floor tile or a group of people watching a keynote speaker in your lobby.

Hotels must create shadow effects without using light because of the common bright overhead lighting at trade shows. You can paint a black wood or paper shape and place it inside your hotel’s booth. Use a projector to create shadows on the back wall of your booth at a trade show.


  • This offers a new way to engage beyond the hotel newsletter sign-up and tradeshow giveaway.
  • It is imaginative and thought-provoking, making it memorable over surrounding booths that are likely to display standard techniques.

A real-world example: Kohlhaas Messebau designed a magical garden party entirely in the form of cut-out shadows. The set included a fence and a wheelbarrow and bushes, a watering container, and even a mischievous Gnome or two.

Make it yours: The key to creating symbolism in your shadow set is to think about what makes your brand, hotel or service magical. The brand wanted to portray the theme “where ideas are grown”, hence the garden and all the fun creatures. You might be more comfortable using a projector and a blank wall to create digital shadow images if arts and crafts are not your things.

Blocks for building.

A favourite childhood game combined with symbolism, teamwork, and symbolism makes for a winning tradeshow booth design. This idea requires a regular-sized Jumbo Jenga set, a table for guests to use, and words or phrases written on the blocks. It would be best to choose words that convey a message or metaphor. The simple act of creating or breaking something with strangers can be heartwarming and poignant.

You can choose a theme such as teamwork, creating events or hosting meetings and then write words or phrases associated with it on your Jenga blocks.


  • It’s a fun and nostalgic game that connects people who may not otherwise interact.
  • This can encourage attendees to think about the big picture, personal development and their role.

A real-world example: D’art Design Gruppe created a display of building blocks with an ” Undo ” theme. They wanted to show the beauty of trial and error, which they did by using words like “change,” “rethink”, and “simplify” as symbols for their artistic process and their relationship with failure.

Personalize it: Be vulnerable about the problems your attendees face, which you know from personal experience. To create your theme for building blocks, you can skip the corporate jargon. Open discussion can then be started about event communication, personalization, and loyalty for group business.


Curiosity is an idea that’s broad and simple to execute. This booth activity will have a mystery surrounding it and be simple. Invite your guests to join you in the game. You can have them do anything, from sticking their heads in a hole to flipping an unmarked switch.


  • Trade shows are often very open-faced for most brands, so it’s good to play a bit of mystery as people compare their expectations and experience.
  • You can decorate your booth with simple decorations, but this activity will still be the focal point of your display.

A real-world example: Kplus Concept took this idea further with their booth ladders, which led to boxes with holes for people to place their heads inside. They were then treated to multi-sensory entertainment through music and projections.

Customize it. Head boxes and leaders are not possible for all trade show booth designs, especially if they are smaller than 10×10. You can still pique the interest of attendees with other booth elements. Take a leaf from Jimmy Kimmel Live and ask guests to place their hand in a box blindly, then guess the object inside. Bonus points for any item related to your property’s uniqueness, such as soft bedding or the most recent technology or wellness offerings. Planners who guess correctly can win the prize or the item.

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