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Must-Know Sales Techniques for Increasing Hotel Business Today

Although hotel sales can be difficult, some strategies may make it easier. A new prospect has a chance of being sold to by 5-20%. Surprisingly, 60-70% of customers are likely to be sold. This knowledge and a few key upselling techniques can help you increase your revenue, develop deeper relationships with your customers, and make your property more useful.

What is upselling?

Put, upselling means offering customers additional services to enhance their event or stay. Cross-selling sells additional products or services to your customers, such as spa treatments or local tours and their rooms. Upselling refers to getting customers more money on their current product.

Identify the right customers to upsell

You will first need to identify good targets for cross-selling and upselling customers. It would be best if you did not try to sell additional products or services to every customer. It’s not worth trying to upsell customers if they don’t understand the benefits of the additional purchase.

To determine your most likely upselling targets, look at your Sales CRM & Property Management System. Customers who have made additional purchases in the past can be a good place to start. Are there wedding groups who tend to add more rooms before the big event? Do couples who book for an anniversary order wine or champagne from the room service? You can identify trends and suggest products to customers by looking at them. Your guests will find it convenient to have more rooms for wedding parties or to be able to purchase a bottle of champagne when they book a room.

Your hotel website should include targeted upsells or cross-sells

Before your guests book their event or room, they will be browsing your website looking for the best product to suit their needs. Your website should include relevant offers to increase customers’ likelihood of finding what they are looking for. Upselling offers should be placed near products that offer customizations and upgrades. Highlighted buttons and graphics can be used to draw attention to the page’s upselling features. You can also contrast these offers with other elements of the page. To determine which offers have the highest conversion rates, test them all.

Hotel bookings can be enhanced to enhance the guest experience.

Your final booking page is the best place to showcase products to improve your guest’s experience. The guest may have already made a purchase and is willing to pay more to get a better experience. These enhancements should be tailored to your guest and personalized using any information about them.

Your hotel’s guests should use your enhancements. You might consider offering to park if you own a property that is located in a place where business travelers often rent cars. You might offer afternoon tea or a tasting menu if you live in a city known for its delicious food.

To expand the reach of your hotel, partner with local businesses.

You can also expand your reach by forming strategic partnerships with local businesses for activities not offered at the hotel. You can offer guests day spa packages, walking tours and adventure trips that showcase the city’s beauty. You can make your guests feel happier by allowing them to arrange their entertainment all on one platform. Additionally, you can earn more revenue by limiting a small percentage of each booking. These experiences can improve guest satisfaction enough to make them return again and again. This will increase guest loyalty.

Frame upsells for groups within the context of a larger concept.

You will need to speak with an event planner before planning your group experience. This is when no one wants to be the victim of hard sales from hotel staff. Instead, create upsells within the context of your event and work with the organizer to provide relevant ideas. Does the planner have a fall theme in mind? You might offer upgraded centerpieces, decorations, and flowers to fit the theme. Provide organizers with a clear plan that explains how the money will be spent and what upgrades will make the event more successful.

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