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The Best Online Conference Technology

The best online conference technology is a great way to engage your audience and grow your business.

For a few days, bringing together your employees and customers ignites the fire within your employees. It also inspires your customers and strengthens your partnership. Trade shows and conferences are the most important ways buyers evaluate a vendor’s product or services. This means that a conference is a perfect opportunity for your companies to shine!

Hosting a conference that is impactful for your company or organization doesn’t necessarily require your attendees to leave their hotel rooms. An online conference can make a huge impact and be as engaging as a live event. It can also give you as many attendees’ insights and information as if held in person. We’ll share some of the best tools for creating the best online conferences.

Find out what makes the best online conference platform.

Virtual conference technology should feel as though you are still planning an event. These are the features that make virtual events great.

Register online quickly

Please register for your virtual event and let attendees get excited about what they are signing up for.

Clear video

A simple-to-navigate broadcasting solution that makes your attendees feel right in the room.

Interactive polling

You can engage your audience with polls and Q&A to provide feedback and give it your best.

Data collecting.

You can survey functionality to allow you, the planner, to peek into attendees’ thoughts so that you can see their perspectives on the event.

Attendance tracking.

This tool allows you to track the attendance of each breakout session so that it is possible to gain more insight into the virtual journeys of your attendees.

Integration with your tools

Integration with existing tools can save time and help ensure valuable data like attendee responses are filtered through.

It is easy to learn.

It is already stressful enough for your employees to try to move to an online conference. You don’t want to add to your employees’ workload. You want a platform that is easy to use, has instructional videos, and offers support.

Great customer support.

If you have any questions, you want answers fast. Make sure your platform has someone on hand to assist you with any last-minute issues so that your attendees don’t even know.

Capacity to scale.

Your conference went well, and you are looking forward to more. You’ll help your team grow long-term by choosing a solution that can accommodate tens to thousands of people.

Affordable price.

Prices for conference technology are usually determined by the number of users and their usage. Some packages are available for a one-month subscription, while others require an annual commitment. A one-month trial is a great way to test the waters before committing. Choose the rate that suits your needs.

A simple checklist to choose an online conference platform

Decide on your event goals.

Are you focusing on education or networking? Are you looking for attendees to get together? Do you plan to launch a product with tons of content?

Assess your attendees and their demographics.

Do they feel comfortable with complex software? A simple broadcasting solution would be better.

Choose the time of your event.

Is this a regular broadcasted conference that will be available to multiple audiences? Are you planning to make this an all-day event or just part of it? Are there breaks in the content?

Consider your event security.

Can anyone register and listen to the conference sessions? Can certain groups only register for individual sessions?

Take into account your entire event program.

This software can be used for your flagship conference and other smaller, more frequent events.

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