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Time for Wine, Season 7 takes us on a journey around Australia, showing a range of incredible wines, whilst celebrating the passionate winemakers who stand behind them.

So join us every Friday for this fascinating journey  of wine and story -  from grape to glass

February 08, 2018



January 18, 2018


Originating from Italy the De Iuliis family have made the Hunter region their home since 1960. After a long successful career in the Hunter mining industry, Joss and Anna De Iuliis were inspired to follow their family passion for wine and chose a property in the Lovedale Road region of the Lower Hunter Valley, converting a grazing property into a 20ha vineyard with the first vines planted in 1990.

It wasn't until their son Michael finished his postgraduate studies in Oenology at the world renowned Roseworthy campus (Adelaide University) in 1999 with remarkable results that dynamic of the business changed from grape growing to wine production. A new state of the art winery and a modern airy cellar door was built, designed by architect Lionel Glendenning, and completed just in time for vintage 2001.

 The family’s vision is to continue producing wines of excellence and outstanding quality from individual paddocks, wines of distinction which they are proud to have their name on. De Iuliis wines are known for their trademark Hunter regionality and commitment to showcasing the very best the Hunter Valley has to offer. The Australian Wine Companion by James Halliday has been rating  De Iuliis Wines a 5 star winery since 2010.



February 01, 2018


Mike Press Wines, located in the internationally acclaimed wine region of Adelaide Hills in South Australia, sets the benchmark for quality wine at an outstanding price.

With a string of awards, the secret to its success lies in a nurtured vineyard, more than four decades of experience, and a commitment to the consumer.

Mike Press started his career with the best, working alongside Max Schubert at Penfolds before moving to Seppelts, and as chief wine maker for Mildara Bass, before planting his vineyard in 1998 to focus on growing quality grapes to on-sell.

Boasting 85 acres of scenic beauty, Kenton Valley Vineyards, was chosen because of its cool climate, its altitude of 500 metres above sea level, and its rainfall, which is similar to Bordeaux in France.

With a staunch belief that good quality wine comes from a good vineyard, and a hands on approach, with Mike Press is personally involved in every stage of the winemaking - from working the vineyard to bottling – the wine was originally sold as clean skins and literally sold itself.

In fact, it sold out every year, and the accolades soon followed. 

It was then Mike and Judy decided to label the wine – a decision which proved fruitful, seeing it recognised by the most renowned wine writers in the country.

Reviews by the likes of Tyson Stelzer and Campbell Mattinson, led to the wine continually selling out.

In 2009 it was the only 'single' vineyard in Australia to have three wines in James Halliday’s highly acclaimed top 100 wines with its 2008 Chardonnay, 2008 Cabernet and 2008 Shiraz.

In 2010 it was listed in James Halliday’s top 10 wines for the year; and this year, was named a five star winery in the 2011 edition of James Halliday's Australian Wine Companion

January 04, 2018


PACHA MAMA - The Incan earth goddess who brings fruit to the vine and joy to the world.

Pacha Mama is a name inspired by a trip to Peru and the Incan Earth Goddess herself, who brings fruit to the vine and joy to the world.

The dynamic winemaking duo behind the label are Nina Stocker and Callie Jemmeson.

Based in the heart of Victoria’s idyllic Yarra Valley, Nina and Callie select their favourite varietals from regions they’re passionate about. Their aim: to produce stylish, individual wines that are great value. Wines that you’ll want to put on your table and share with friends over a tasty yak’s pizzle, barbecued guinea pig or guanaco tartare.

This eclectic pair of winemakers, who have learnt their trade in places as diverse as Portugal, Italy, France, America and New Zealand, are the heart and soul of Pacha Mama. Their passion and belief in limitless possibility is the embodiment of the earth mother herself.

Nina and Callie’s paths crossed in 2009 when Nina was working for Dave Jemmeson (Callie’s dad) as winemaker for Catalina Sounds in Marlborough, New Zealand. At the time, Callie was based in the Yarra Valley working with the region’s iconic De Bortoli wine brand. When Nina came back to her home town of Tallarook in Central Victoria, the seed was planted for the pair to join forces and the Pacha family.

Together, Callie and Nina have embraced the true essence of Pacha Mama, as it has them. Their freedom of expression and unbridled thinking is evident in every sniff and sip you take of their wines. Each one speaks of elegance, individuality, pure fruit flavour and sheer joy.

February 01, 2018


Jericho Wines is a new and exciting wine brand brought to you by the Jericho family: Neil, Kaye, Sally, Andrew, and Kim. Neil and Andrew have crafted the wines, with 50 years of wine making between them. Kim, the graphic artist has designed the labels, with Sally and Kaye support the family business and administration.

December 14, 2017


The Old Plains and Longhop range of wines are produced by Domenic Torzi and Tim Freeland. The former Gawler high school mates seized upon an idea in 2002 of salvaging some of the last remaining old vine vineyards in the Adelaide Plains and making icon wines from that region. The ideal was to delivering premium grapes in order to showcase the power and rich fruit flavours the Adelaide Plains and adjoining Mt Lofty Ranges has to offer. 

Their vineyards are unique, remnant plantings that have mostly survived urban expansion and the pursuit of other agricultural profits. They also escaped the vine pull schemes that were popular during the 1980s, which saw the devastating loss of so many old vines. Believe it or not, the government sponsored removal schemes to uproot these old low lying vines to make way for  crops of vegetables and wheat. In some instances vast tracts of old vine shiraz was replaced by chardonnay! What a waste.
The remaining small vineyards are true masterpieces of wine grape flavour, weathered, gnarly and magnificent in their defiance of commercial expansion.

December 07, 2017


AARON AARDVARK,  founder and chairman of AAA Aaron Aardvark Wine Company, is the fresh air the stuffy miasmic wine industry required. A beacon shining a light on an institution drowning in crepuscularity. Aaron makes fine wine, yes... but importantly Aaron stands for all those forgotten masses who wish to potate their libation free from pretence, from the boorish aereate fustian of those who decree their knowledge of wine rules them all. Aaron is bringing wine back to the people.



Cloak and Dagger evolved during the 2016 vintage when two unexpected parcels of wine popped intriguingly out from amongst the chaos, to reveal 2 interesting and delicious expressions of Sangiovese and Pinot Grigio.

We stumbled and fell even deeper in love with the delicate and bewitching aromatics of cool climate Pinot Grigio. We have created this blend focusing on highlighting the alpine herbal elements of this variety balanced by the freshness of Nashi pears and the steely acidity synonymous with Pinot Grigio.

A single vineyard small batch of Sangiovese was the perfect complement to this crisp ‘Dagger’, with an almost sensual silkiness enveloping an earthy and complex palate.

Cloak and Dagger is an expression that conjures up mystery and intrigue, we hope these wines stimulate your curiosity and enchant you in much the same way!

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