Event Organizers

Tourism Australia for Event Organisers

Tourism Australia profiles selected international events that are ready for international publicity. This helps to build awareness about Australia as a top-rated holiday destination.

No matter your budget or business size, there are many ways that festivals and public events can engage with our programs.


1. Register for Essentials, our weekly trendsetter. Follow us on Twitter or join the discussion on LinkedIn.

2. Register your event on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse to get the chance to appear in the websites of your state or territory tourism organisations.

3. Send us your news and images to keep the media informed about the latest developments in Australian tourism.

4. Participate in our social media campaigns.

5. You can access footage and photographs free of cost for your marketing and websites.

6. Participate in our international media hosting program.

7. Submit an article to Australia.com. To help you create your submission, there are a set of guidelines for content creation as well as useful guides, story templates and examples.

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